This landscape video was created after a nearly impossible trip up Desolation Peak, hitch hiking on boats and crossing unmanned borders, to the fire lookout in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington state where Jack Kerouac completed Dharma Bums (1958) and began Desolation Angels (1965). As an adaptation of Kerouac each video asks to be seen forever, or slept through, until you are ready to get back to sex and eating and living, this work considers the lack of meaning we find when we go looking for it in the mountains. The images and soundscapes are altered and deconstructed to various effects, playfully engaging with the landscape tradition as stand in for some great meaning or vision of god. Kerouac's gods and mountains are less the point, than is getting lost in an endless conversation with yourself.

Soon to be exhibited at the Chicago Underground Film Festival as a multi-channel installation.