Jeremiah Jones is an artist who creates fine art and videos that explore the complex histories, landscapes and relationships that form our world. His process includes found image research, field production, and material projects in the studio to create complex works that bring to bear contemporary systems and mythologies. He holds a B.A. from the Evergreen State College, and an M.F.A. from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. His work has been exhibited at The Tacoma Art Museum, The Hyde Park Art Center, The Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as numerous independent art spaces and private collections in LA, New York, Chicago, and internationally. After finishing studies in the MFA program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has had several high profile commissions from clients such as The Intercontinental Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, and the prominent Chicago restaurant group 16 on Center (Dusek's Board & Beer, Longman & Eagle, Punch House, The Promontory) as well as numerous private collectors and residences.

With his Collaborator Rosa Gaia, Jeremiah founded Iris and Electra, a fine art company that works with interior designers to create cohesive art exhibitions in a variety of spaces. By working with designers, Jeremiah creates art that engages both aesthetically and conceptually with spaces that include hotels, restaurants, offices, and homes. As a curator, Jeremiah locates affordable art works for clients, facilitates original commissions, framing, and exhibition design. He has a specialized skill in managing high end art installation, installing professionally for the Guggenheim museum, private collections, Art Basel, and for numerous chelsea galleries.

As an artist Jeremiah Jones positions himself in various roles throughout the many worlds he has access to. Compelled by the conclusion that meaning, sincerity, and human connection will be the lasting hallmark of the art being made today, his work risks offending the people who would promise success in exchange for silence. His work is best known for telling stories in ways which complicate any easy read of the images he presents. Jeremiah's artistic practice incorporates various tactics and mediums, from documentary, sculpture, an engagement with painting surfaces, video, and multimedia installations. His work comes from the aesthetic lineage of Len Lye, Chris Marker, Alan Kaprow, and Ed Ruscha, continuously exploring what can be done with the materials, images, movements, and sounds of our evolving social landscape.